School events are some of the most fun and exciting events we do.

Who doesn’t wanna be a kid again? Elementary, Middle, or High School, all of our presentations are clean and well thought out. Carnivals, Dances, Fundraisers, Grade promotions, Back-to-school nights, Field days, Galas. We will work hand-in-hand with event organizers whether it be parents, administration, or student leaders to ensure a safe, clean, and well-organized event.
It’s about everyone having fun and participating in the activities.
We always play clean, age-appropriate music.
 Our rule of thumb is if I can’t play it with the principal in the room… it doesn’t get played.

Elementary Schools

Although we can do games and contests if the event needs it,  We tend to lean towards a more dance-oriented program in situations that warrant it.

That philosophy helps your students Come out of their comfort zone, self-entertain, read nonverbal cues, and boost their self-confidence. We’ve experienced a much better result in those students with that program, than we would if we just played games and contests all night, one after another.

As far as the cost of Elementary School events, They are a little easier because they tend to follow a very predictable pattern, and that makes it fairly repeatable from one Elementary school to the next.

Our basic package for Elementary Schools starts at $150. an hour with a 2-hour minimum It includes:

High Schools and Middle Schools

Each High School and Middle School event is unique unto itself. It’s a tricky balance between Entertainment and a clean presentation. Believe it or not, you can accomplish both at the same time.

The solution is everyone giving just a little, to keep it entertaining and still safe. There are a lot of factors including location, scheduling, complexity of the event, number of students participating, the time of the year, the entertainment expectation, etc.

That’s why we do not have an off-the-shelf package or template services for these events. There are just too many variables. Let’s schedule a time to meet and we can talk about what your specific needs are. Then we will come up with a plan that meets your budget.


I was introduced to DJ Mike Thomas of Higher Level Sound several years ago as he agreed to be our DJ for our elementary school spring carnival. We have used him ever since as he provided his services for our spring carnivals for several years (including this year) as well as for our family dances. He turned our family dances into a night of family fun and excitement making our school dance truly family oriented. You haven't experienced a true family dance until you have Mike Thomas of Higher Level Sound as your DJ. So, put all those other numbers away and look up DJ Mike. You won't be disappointed. If you are looking for a professional that is experienced, responsible, respectful of your wishes, attends to all details, knowledgeable, and knows how to get the crowd moving and shaking...then look no further. He is great with all age groups. Fun, down to earth, reliable, entertaining, easy going, great ideas,....professional...DJ MIKE THOMAS...HIGHER LEVEL SOUND!!!

Michelle H.

DJ Mike was AWESOME! He was the DJ for our school fundraiser and he had the crowd dancing all night! Our daughter's elementary school hosted a dinner action fundraiser and not only did Mike deliver the best music that had people dancing on stage, but he provided the perfect light effects to enhance the decor in the main dining area. It really helped complete the ambiance for our event. He arrived hours before to set up his equipment. And actually, he met with us at the venue a couple weeks prior to the event to make certain we were all in sync. Overall, we are very pleased with DJ Mike and Higher Level Sound. Matter of fact, we have hired him again for our next event!!!

Yaz K.

We reached out to Mike last minute to provide audio for a large high school function when our first audio plan fell through. Mike was so wonderful to work with! Not only was he accommodating to our needs, but he also clearly had strong knowledge of sound systems and knew exactly what we would require for the size function we were sponsoring. Mike was our first vendor on scene early the next morning and was a positive, fun and knowledgeable presents during the chaotic moments of trying to get an event up and running. We appreciate him so much for not only stepping in last minute, but also doing a excellent job!

Kelly G.